The Laws of Toyland

This is insane and awesome. Via Paul Blinov in an IM, this is an old ’80s pre-Tim Burton Batman ad from Canadian retail “giant” Zellers (think a slightly classier Wal-Mart with Canadian Olympics gear). The best part of the video by far is the Joker’s insane, horrible canned cackle.

Also, been working on a post on the frustrating formalism in video game reviews and a personal perspective on where video game criticism can go and move. Also, stupid and common criticism of critics that drive me up the wall and why they’re completely horrible.

2 Responses to “The Laws of Toyland”
  1. Rob F says:

    Just want to point out that I actually remember this series of commercials and it did in fact make me want to shop at Zellers. There was also a tie in promotion while they were airing that got you a free Batman comic with two packages of loose leaf paper during back to school. I can’t temember exactly what it was about, but it was one of those shitty out of continuity promotional ones that tried to keeps kids off the drugs or some such thing.

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