Here’s a collection of writing and blogging I’ve done for myself, my former employer Campus Plus and some publications. This is a mix of stories that I enjoyed writing, thought were particularly engaging or turned out well.

Blogging – Personal

Fort McMurray Files (personal essays on growing up in Fort McMurray, AB)

 The battle line runs right through Fort McMurray

Disposable income and lifestyle inflation

The Pink Hummer and positional goods

When your wealth is all you’re worth

Liefeld, fan culture, and the man in a yellow hat 


Blogging – Professional

Loose tweets sink broadsheets


Print writing

The Gauntlet

Exhibition takes a look at cowboy culture (visual arts interview)

A spoken word celebration (spoken word interview)

Watchmen director Zack Synder talks mythology (film interview)

100 shows fill That Empty Space (profile piece)

The Darcys have a tour to remember (music interview)

Mass Effect 2’s overall Sheen suffers from flaws (video game review)

Oil’s well that ends well (political  interview on provincial oilsands policy)

Calgary actors air out their Dirty Laundry (theatre preview)

Calgary’s indie music babies (music interview – not my headline)

Editorial: Poster Vandals Crossed Line (editorial on racist vandalism)

Money walks, transparency walks (editorial on Calgary election finance laws)


FFWD Weekly 

Jumping Off (theatre season preview)

Witty wordplay (theatre season preview)


Vue Weekly

Moon King – Obsession II (album review)

Open Relationship – Poochy (album review)


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